Our Mission:
Solve the Industrial Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Industrial security should be engrained in your company's culture, equivalent to safety. Cyber incident preparedness begins with people. ThreatGEN™ works with your team in many ways to improve your resiliency and industrial cybersecurity capabilities through an innovative and modernized approach to training and services.

How do we plan on solving the industrial cybersecurity skills gap?

  1. Offer industrial cybersecurity* training in a unique and revolutionary way, leveraging computer gaming engine-driven simulation simulation technology.
  2.  Offer that training in the form of continuous education and mentoring that includes live classroom training, self-paced e-learning, training videos, knowledge libraries, and more.
  3. Support the training and mentoring with supplemental industrial cybersecurity* advisory and "consulting" services (also in the form of mentoring) to those charged with OT/ICS cybersecurity* and risk management.

About Us

Derezzed Inc. (dba ThreatGEN) is a veteran-owned small business based in Sugarland (Houston), TX positioned to be a pioneer in emerging technology markets such as industrial cybersecurity and gamification-based training (specifically using advanced computer gaming engines). We have a unique team with a blended skill-set of game developers and world-class industrial cybersecurity experts.

Our company is new but we have been doing this for a long time. Few people in the world have been performing ICS cybersecurity* services than our experts. They've helped pioneer and shape this industry/market, continue to remain an active part of the ICS cybersecurity* community, and have literally written the book on assessing ICS/OT/SCADA systems. In fact, a new book is currently in production. Details coming soon...

Our core expertise

  • INFOSEC (a.k.a. Cybersecurity*)
  • Industrial (ICS/SCADA/OT) Cybersecurity* and Cyber Risk Management
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • Computer gaming technology and game development
  • 3D modeling/rendering
  • Advanced physics process modeling and simulation
  • Security/cybersecurity* education and gamification

*We hate the word "cybersecurity" / "cyber security"