Red vs. Blue Academy

The Problem

It’s no secret – industry worldwide has a skills gap when it comes to operational technology (OT) security! Whether it’s protecting your company’s process control systems or personally exploring a new career path, accessing the right skills, knowledge, and training is key to bridging that skills gap! The Red vs. Blue Academy helps answer:

WHERE can you find quality ICS cybersecurity training that is affordable and accessible?

WHAT experts can help you get your head around your OT cybersecurity situation, point you in the right direction, and just give me some advice?

WHEN can you afford the current training solutions in the industrial environment, requiring $20,000 per person and two to five weeks offsite?

HOW can you interact with a community of industry peers and experts?

Our Red vs. Blue Academy

The ThreatGEN solution to bridging the “ICS cybersecurity skills gap” is two fold – our Red vs. Blue Academy helps our clients bring OT cybersecurity skills in-house by training their team(s) and our ThreatGEN OT Security Services supplement your team with our OT security experts.

The Red vs. Blue Academy centers around the usage of cutting edge gamification that is ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue. This gamification is used to teach skills that are impossible to learn effectively in a classroom situation with slides, books, and paper only – it answers the question, “how do you teach hacking?” The simple answer is, “You don’t! You have to simulate an environment that that allows students to interact and see how OT security works in person.

Why ThreatGEN?

ThreatGEN’s thought leadership in the OT security community brings a unique viewpoint to ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue and all the Red vs. Blue Academy offerings – few people in the world have more OT cybersecurity experience than ThreatGEN’s professionals.

In addition to having more than 10 years’ experience each, our professionals are frequent presenters at industry conferences, ICS community contributors, and published authors. We wrote the book on industrial cybersecurity… literally. It’s always nice to attend a Red vs. Blue Academy training event and meet industry leaders – like Clint Bodugen or Pascal Ackerman (both authors).

Every single member of the ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue development team comes from the OT cybersecurity community. ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue was developed and tested with feedback from more than 300 beta testers in the cybersecurity community.

We come out of the trenches to deliver Red vs. Blue Academy offerings…