Red vs. Blue Courses

Defending Operational Technology (OT) networks and assets requires more than any single solution, and it’s not a just matter of deploying “best practices” and “layered defense” – it’s a necessary combination of proactive and reactive strategies such as vulnerability assessments, network segmentation, system hardening and threat monitoring, just to name a few. However, most organizations are often limited in their ability to deploy even the most basic security controls due to lack of required skills. That’s where our ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamulation meets the virtual classroom in our Red vs. Blue Academy courses!

2019 ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue live 101 course


With cutting-edge technology combined with proven methods, ThreatGEN delivers a revolutionary new and entertaining way to learn practical & effective OT cybersecurity and risk management skills – from beginner to technical levels.

Whether you need security skills training, want to learn how to build an entire industrial cyber risk management program, or just want to learn how to build a cost-effective security strategy on a limited budget, ThreatGEN has a training program to meet your needs.

Our classroom, virtual as well as live, Red vs. Blue Academy courses build upon real world experience that our OT security professionals gained delivering our ThreatGEN OT Security Services, and use our ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamulation to help simulate the issues that are faced within your environments in real life.

Why gamification and why use it in our Red vs. Blue courses? Simple, it provides an environment to experience, “to simulate” the issues instead of just reading or talking about them while bringing YOU into the cybersecurity world with a gamegamification!

Multiple Delivery Methods

ThreatGEN Red vs. Blue Training Solutions delivers our Red vs. Blue courses in numerous ways, including:

  • Virtual courses (see upcoming June 2020 news)
  • Live courses brought to your site, delivered in person by one of our ThreatGEN OT Security Services professionals with training experience
  • ThreatGEN byte-sized” video sessions delivering short training (see news)
ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamulation is built into every course provided by ThreatGEN

Red vs. Blue Courses

We are constantly adding to our Red vs. Blue courses, using our experience gained by our ThreatGEN OT Security Services professionals.

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue Training

ICS 101: Introduction to Intermediate OT/ICS Cybersecurity
ICS 201: Industrial Cybersecurity Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

And coming soon, ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue, ICS 301: Introduction to OT Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, & Purple Teaming…