Versions and Licensing

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue has three distinct audiences, each with different installation / delivery methods, versions and licensing available.

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue is the industry’s first multi-player strategy computer game where players compete against each other, head-to-head, to take control/maintain control of a computer network. This is not a fiction- based game like those found on the consumer gaming market. This is a live, player vs. player “gamified” training simulator, designed to teach cybersecurity skills in an immersive and interactive applied learning environment.

Red vs. Blue Versions

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue is delivered to three distinct audiences – consumer / retail, professional / educational and enterprise audiences. The versions and licensing depends upon which audience you are part of:

  • Consumer / retail – purchases, downloads and installs through the STEAM gaming platform and delivery mechanism.
  • Professional / educational – audience purchases directly from ThreatGEN, has multiple delivery & install options, has multiple licensing options, and has features for cybersecurity training.
  • Enterprise – much like the professional / educational audience, with the exception that ThreatGEN Training Solutions provide total customized gamification / gamulation experiences using the enterprise customer’s custom network maps, custom learning objectives mapping, custom action tree(s), and leaderboards.

Licensing – per user versus per seat

All ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue professional, educational and enterprise licenses are sold on an annual subscription basis and supports two basic forms of licensing – per-user or per-seat.

Per-user licensing is tied to a specific user login and unique computer IP. This is supported on any installation except retail and has these further requirements:

  • Minimum per-user licenses sold are 10.
  • Educational institutions license under per-user basis for courses and can reuse the user each semester / session / period during the year – over a 50% discount based upon semesters used.

Per-seat licensing is tied to a specific machine / unique computer IP, such that you buy the maximum number of concurrent users on the server at any one time.  It is more expensive than the per-user license. This is supported on any installation except retail and has these further requirements:

  • Sold in packs / increments of 10 seats.

Installation Options

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue supports numerous installation options, all from the same codebase to ensure stability. Installation options include:

TypeInstallation Description & Features
STEAM[1]Must be member of STEAM video game communityCan only be used with outside access to internetworldwide game match making server – can interact with anyone in world, peer-to-peer (internet or LAN)
single computerGamulation installed on end user computerKey and access to ThreatGEN licensing server requiredworldwide game match making server – can interact with anyone in world, peer-to-peer (internet or LAN)
hosted, publicPlay with a web browser[2]Nothing installed on end user computerHosted by ThreatGENworldwide game match making server – can interact with anyone in world, peer-to-peer (internet)
hosted, privatePlay with a web browserNothing installed on end user computerHosted by ThreatGEN in private instanceChoice of worldwide or LAN game match making server
appliance & event server[3]
Appliance that allows customers to run the game using a local game server rather than the internet.Play with a web browser or Single Computer install(s)game match making server in appliance
Tablet KitSingle computer installation type pre-installedCan interact with anyone in worldGoogle Android tabletSold in 10 packsAvailable for as little as $400 each[4]Optional cushioned travel case for 10 tablets, $500 each

[1] Only available for consumer / retail audience.

[2] Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and Netscape.

[3] All on-premise appliance & event server are custom quoted since base costs  and customization precludes a single price

[4] Tablet Kit pricing is customized due to customers’ ability to select tablet manufacturer and pre-loaded material.

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue

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