ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue


Why is ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue better?

ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue game play differentiators:

  • Broad audience – beginner to intermediate
  • Red / Blue team adversarial game play, playing against active opponents either A.I. or real life
  • Interactive – 1-on-1 internet and local hot seat multiplayer
  • Single player, play as the red or blue team against the computer

ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue’s differentiation from other training solutions on the market today include:

  • Modern approach to learning – cost effective, accessible
  • Based upon real-world experience from real OT security professionals
  • Cybersecurity from the hackers’ perspective
  • Live, head-to-head learning
  • Apply concepts, with in-game real-world cybersecurity advice and hints
  • Learn, train, and exercise strategy
ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue gamulation, retail version 1.3

Our Audiences

ThreatGEN™ Red vs. Blue is delivered to three distinct audiences – consumer / retail, professional / educational and enterprise audiences.  The differences include:

  • The consumer / retail audience[1] purchases, downloads and installs through the STEAM gaming platform and delivery mechanism.
  • The professional / educational audience purchases directly from ThreatGEN, has multiple delivery & install options, has multiple licensing options, and has features for cybersecurity training.
  • The enterprise audience is much like the professional / educational audience, with the exception that ThreatGEN Training Solutions can provide total customized gamification / gamulation experiences using the enterprise customer’s custom network maps, custom learning objectives mapping, custom action tree(s), and leaderboards.

[1] The retail version is limited in its capabilities for use in professional and educational settings. Current pricing for version 1.xx on STEAM is $29.99, with carious discounts applied for large volumes.

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