FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification

Game Edition

The ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification is primarily for professional & educational cybersecurity strategy and awareness training.  Prior to version 1.4, there was a single edition, but with version 1.4 we added features separated into 4 different Editions - Game, Professional, Enterprise, and CTF.

The Game Edition feature set is limited and only deployable through STEAM (STEAM product page).  Many questions are answered in STEAM community page.

TLMC and Provisioning Meeting

The ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue Professional, Enterprise, and CTF Editions are all administered and provisioned within the ThreatGEN Licensing and Management Console (TLMC).

After the ThreatGEN invoice is paid, ThreatGEN will schedule a provisioning meeting within two (2) business days.  The meeting normally takes 30 minutes and takes place within Microsoft Teams.  There is only one administrative contact in the current version, but the client can invite as many people as they want to the meeting.

I have a tight timeline before our event. How quickly can we be provisioned?

We normally require 48 hours for scheduling and provisioning, but we try to be as responsive as we can.  Please call your ThreatGEN representative or ThreatGEN partner representative immediately to determine if we can provide your provisioning immediately.

Please note: In no circumstance will provisioning be done prior to payment is received.

In order to get a provisioning meeting scheduled, what is the process?
Our sales process is as follows:
  1. Goal meeting, scheduled for up to an hour.
  2. Proposal is created and given to prospective client.
  3. Answer any questions associated with proposal and clients accepts via signature on proposal.
  4. Invoice generated and sent to client.
  5. When invoice paid, provisioning meeting is scheduled.
  6. Provisioning meeting.
The agenda for the "goal meeting" is:
  • Discuss prospective client individual goal(s)
  • Discuss company (for Professional or Enterprise Edition) or college / university program (for Education Edition) goal(s)
  • Red vs. Blue gamification licensing options
  • Red vs. Blue upcoming feature set, version 1.x and version 2.0
  • Red vs. Blue upcoming curriculum
  • Red vs. Blue upcoming strategy guides
  • Next steps
We have had clients up and running with their classes within 48 hours, start to finish.
After I accept the ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue proposal, how quickly can we be up and running?

ThreatGEN sales will send an invoice to the proposal billing and administration contacts, which can be paid either via check, ACH, or credit card (directions in e-mail).

Once the invoice is paid and received by ThreatGEN, a provisioning meeting will be scheduled within the next two (2) business days.  After the provisioning meeting, the client's users will have access to start using the gamification.

Is the ThreatGEN Licesning Management Console (TLMC) tied to a device?

The TLMC is tied to your login credentials only.  Anyone with the proper credentials can log in from any device at any time.

After a user registers, how quickly will the Administrator get an e-mail?

The process for registration is:

  1. Administrator provides end users with the registration link in your TLMC.
  2. End user uses link to register.
  3. E-mail sent to administrator about registered end user (identified by their e-mail).
  4. Administrator uses the TLMC's user management page and clicks the 'Confirm' button next to the registration e-mail.
  5. Registered and confirmed end user will get an e-mail.
  6. End user uses gamification portal page to login and use the gamification.

Now, the answer to the question - it can take up to 5 minutes to receive either one of the e-mails.

The TLMC administrator does not get the notification e-mail after the end user registers. What is wrong?

E-mail messages from our TLMC come from, which is a dedicated e-mail account for support issues - it is not a distribution list.

Every time this has occurred so far, it has been an issue at our client site.  Here is the process by which we recommend you trouble shoot your problem:

  1. First, make sure that the message is not being put into your JUNK or SPAM folder(s).  The messages are in your JUNK or PSAM folder(s), mark support@threatgen,com as a "Never Block Sender" or "Never Block Sender domain" (each e-mail client will be different wording as this is Microsoft Outlook wording).
  2. Ensure that your e-mail network server is not blocking our e-mail.  Have your network or e-mail  administrator Whitelist our domain,

Professional Edition

Enterprise Edition

Is it possible to modify the components within the scenario or the scenario itself?

The Enterprise Edition provides the ability to customize the scenario(s).

In the current version, ThreatGEN does all the customization.  In version 2.0, currently under construction, customized scenarios are available as downloadable content.

An upgrade path from the Professional Edition allows you to buy and use the Professional Edition today and upgrade to the Enterprise Edition without any loss of value.