We are happy to announce ThreatGEN's TableTopGPT!

Incident response tabletop exercises, completely automated, narrated, and ran by AI. Zero setup time, no learning curve, and unlimited scenarios with the click of a button. Sound too good to be true?

TableTopGPT leverages the power of Large Language Model Generative AI technology to make this a reality.

Scenarios are started instantly with a single button click, but can be easily customized with a just a few settings. The AI instantly creates new scenarios based on your settings, automatically narrating the scenarios, guiding and assisting your team, offering advice when needed, and presenting challenges, commonly referred to as "injects". At the conclusion of the exercise, you will be presented with a report that provides an analysis summary, your score, deductions, successes, recommendations, and more. We will be adding additional features like the ability to provide the AI with your own IR plan for enhanced exercise analysis, and the option for you to include a network diagram for an even more tailored approach.

TableTopGPT is currently launching in BETA. If you're interested in signing up for the beta, complete the application form.

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