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It's no secret... Operational technology (OT) cybersecurity is a challenge on many fronts. This is especially true when dealing with two separate cultures such as enterprise IT on one side and engineering and operations on the other. However, OT cyber risks don't exist in a vacuum, and often start from within IT networks. Therefore, a comprehensive approach is warranted, and the two sides must often find a way to work together to find common ground.

ThreatGEN has decades of experience working from within operational environments as well as IT. When it comes to OT cybersecurity (cyber risk management), we believe the process should start from within operations, first. Risk management is not new to industrial operators. They have been assessing and managing risk for decades, and they are good at it. It’s often called a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) or Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP). Therefore, cybersecurity is not something new that needs to be implemented into, or “bolted on” to, operations. “Cyber” is simply a new area of risk to consider. Therefore, industrial “cybersecurity” should start from within engineering and operations, using an engineering-minded approach.

ThreatGEN works with your team in many ways to improve your resiliency and OT cybersecurity capabilities, and help you reduce cyber-related risks to your production environments.


We help organizations identify, assess, and manage industrial cyber risk in a way that is safe, resource-effective, and makes sense to engineers, IT, and business leaders alike.

Full Stack Cybersecurity Services

As your ICS/OT Managed Security Services Provider, we offer every aspect of cyber risk management and cybersecurity services, with world-class expertise and experience.

  • ICS/OT Cyber Risk Assessment & “Cyber HAZOP”
    Breach assessments (Threat Hunting), Risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and gap assessments
  • ICS/OT Security Program & Governance
    From start to finish we help you build, run, and maintain your ICS/OT cyber risk management program
  • ICS/OT Standards, Regulatory and Compliance Assessments
    Compliance/gap assessments for NIST SP 800-82, NERC CIP, IEC 62443, Cybersecurity Framework, and more
  • ICS/OT Security Manager/CISO as a Service
    Don’t currently have the expertise in-house to manage your ICS cyber risk? We can help, and even help you find a permanent solution
  • ICS/OT Cybersecurity Implementation
    Once your vulnerabilities and risks have been identified, we help you implement solutions, from architecture to cybersecurity controls
  • IT/ICS/OT Threat Monitoring
    Whether you have ICS threat monitoring technology in place or not, but don’t have the staff to support it, we offer product/vendor-neutral ICS threat monitoring services
  • ICS/OT Cyber Incident Response
    Experience a cyber incident? We have the experience and expertise to help
  • Cybersecurity Training & Awareness
    ICS/OT Cybersecurity, Tabletop Exercises, Red Team/Blue Team Gamification

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OT Cybersecurity Mentoring and Thought Leadership

Solving the industrial cybersecurity skills gap doesn’t stop with consulting and services. Consulting only treats the problem. Sure, the job gets done, but that does little, if anything, to solve your skills and knowledge gap or create a long-term solution. We find that in addition to consulting services, industrial owners/operators (and even vendors, consultants, and service providers) often just need ICS/OT specific guidance and education above all else.

Do you find yourself trying to get your head around this whole IT/OT thing? Don’t know where to start? Don’t have the resources? Or just need guidance?

Through a combination of ongoing education and advisory/support services, we are your ICS cybersecurity and risk management mentor. We work with you, side by side, providing guidance and helping you solve your immediate needs as well as create long-term solutions.

Few people have been doing it longer than our world-class industrial cybersecurity experts. They have helped pioneer the industrial cybersecurity industry, working with industrial organizations of all sizes all around the world, and some would even say they wrote the book on it (because they did… more than one). Rest assured, you’ll have the best in the business in your corner.

We LITERALLY Wrote the Book on OT Cybersecurity!
More Than One!

by Clint Bodungen & Aaron Shbeeb

by Pascal Ackerman

by Pascal Ackerman