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Industry Leading Cybersecurity Gamification

Level Up Your Cybersecurity Training
with Red vs. Blue

Already being used in more than 50 countries, the ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification platform is a revolutionary new way for organizations, professionals, students, and enthusiasts to learn cybersecurity (both blue team and red team skills) much more effectively.


Instructor-Led Industrial Cybersecurity Training

Developed and taught by authors of Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems and Industrial Cybersecurity: Efficiently secure critical infrastructure systems, as well as world-renowned industry experts with decades of experience, our classes use our immersive gamification and simulation training labs for a truly modernized and effective training experience. Classes are available in person, onsite, live virtual (online), and online on demand.

World-Class OT Cyberecurity Services From Experienced & Trusted Professionals

Few people in the world have more OT cybersecurity experience than ThreatGEN's top experts. Each having ten or more years of experience. They are frequent presenters at industry conferences, OT community contributors, and published authors. We literally wrote the book on industrial cybersecurity – more than one!

From vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to cybersecurity / cyber risk program management support, we are here to help you at every step, educating you and your staff along the way. You’ll have the best in the business in your corner. With decades of experience, few people have been doing longer than our world-renown industrial cybersecurity experts.


OT Threat Monitoring

Have you deployed an OT threat monitoring solution but don’t have the staff or skill-set to support and maintain it? Regardless of what platform you have deployed, we will help you monitor events, triage, and escalate as needed, as well as providing incident response support. We can also help you choose the right platform that suits your needs if you are still in the beginning stages of the threat monitoring program.

We’re Raising the Bar…

Your OT Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk Management Partner & Mentor

Effective OT cyber risk management requires more than just threat monitoring, vulnerability assessments & penetration tests, and “best practices”. It requires an entire program built on sound strategies. Often times, organizations just need guidance with their programs & strategies. Don’t know where to start? Need help “getting your head around it all” Or, maybe you just don’t have the skills or staff? From assessments and penetration testing to entire cybersecurity and cyber risk program management support, ThreatGEN is here to help you at every step, educating you and your staff along the way.


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Analytics, Mobile Platforms and New Features for ThreatGEN Red vs. Blue

Sugar Land, Texas (December 8, 2020) – ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) security firm, announces the upcoming release of analytics & reporting, as well as ...
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ThreatGEN full stack OT cybersecurity monitoring with Blumira

Sugar Land, Texas (November 18, 2020) – ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) security firm, announces their partnership with Blumira, an automated detection and response provider ...
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Seminole State College adopts ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification

Sugar Land, Texas (October 15, 2020) – ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) security firm, announces Seminole State College of Florida’s adoption of ThreatGEN® Red vs. ...
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ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue 1.4 has arrived

Sugar Land, Texas (September 8, 2020) — ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) security firm released version 1.4 of its flagship ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamulation (gamification ...
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ThreatGEN’s Bodungen at S4X20 on Ryuk in OT

This last week Dale Peterson of Digital Bond brought the video of Clint Bodungen's S4x20 presentation on Ryuk in OT from January 26 - 28, ...
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