Red vs. Blue Academy

Red vs. Blue Academy for organizations, professionals, students, and enthusiasts to learn, interact, and share industrial cybersecurity knowledge.

Industrial Cybersecurity Training

Developed by authors of Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems and Industrial Cybersecurity: Efficiently secure critical infrastructure systems, as well as world-renowned industry experts with decades of experience, our immersive gamification and simulation training solutions are use by commercial organizations, schools, universities, and individuals in more than 40 countries.

Industrial Cybersecurity Services

From vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to cybersecurity / cyber risk program management support, we are here to help you at every step, educating you and your staff along the way. You’ll have the best in the business in your corner. With decades of experience, few people have been doing longer than our world-renown industrial cybersecurity experts.

OT Threat Monitoring

Have you deployed an OT threat monitoring solution but don’t have the staff or skill-set to support and maintain it? Regardless of what platform you have deployed, we will help you monitor events, triage and escalate as needed, as well as provide incident response support. We can also help you choose the right platform that suits your needs if you are still in the beginning stages of threat monitoring program.

We’re raising the bar…

World Class OT security services from experienced & trusted professionals

Few people in the world have more OT cybersecurity experience than our ThreatGEN experts. Each having 10 or more years experience, they are frequent presenters at industry conferences, OT community contributors, and published authors. We literally wrote the book on industrial cybersecurity – more than one!

Industrial cyber threat monitoring support, technology & platform independent

OT specific cyber threat monitoring is an integral part of an industrial cybersecurity program, with many OT specific threat monitoring platforms & technologies. Regardless of what monitoring platform you deployed, ThreatGEN will help you monitor events, triage & escalate as needed, and provide incident response support. We can help you choose the right platform for your needs if you are just beginning with threat monitoring program.

Your OT cybersecurity and cyber risk management partner & mentor

Effective OT cyber risk management requires more than just threat monitoring, vulnerability assessments & penetration tests, and “best practices”. It requires an entire program built on sound strategies. Often times, organizations just need guidance with their programs & strategies. Don’t know where to start? Need help “getting your head around it all” Or, maybe you just don’t have the skills or staff? From assessments and penetration testing to entire cybersecurity and cyber risk program management support, ThreatGEN is here to help you at every step, educating you and your staff along the way.

Revolutionizing cybersecurity learning…

Cyber security training comes in many formats, from instructor-led to computer-based (CBT). People learn in different ways, but there is no a substitute for quality instructor-led and hands-on training.

CBTs are often “dry” and boring, causing employees to rush through them. As a result, their learning and retention is significantly diminished. Instructor-led training is usually time-consuming and costly – not optimal or even viable for resource-constrained organizations and individuals.

Immersive gamification & simulation offers an effective alternative, at once engaging and entertaining! ThreatGEN’s immersive and interactive gamification & simulation (a.k.a. “gamulation“) puts students right in the middle of a fun, engaging story-line and environment where they participate in the narrative (often in competition with other students), performing skills & actions as they would in real life. There have been several studies conducted about the positive effectiveness and success of gamification, but we don’t need studies to tell us that when we are presented with something entertaining we will naturally be more interested and engaged. Combine this fact with an immersive environment where learners are part of the action, their decisions have immediate consequences and rewards, and you have a more effective training method. This not only improves knowledge retention but learners will actually enjoy it! Because of the natural adversarial environment and consequence-based decisions, cyber security is a perfect subject for gamification.

The Red vs. Blue Academy offers revolutionary cyber security training using the same cutting-edge gaming technology used in the computer and console gaming industry! Our courses are engaging and effective at a much lower cost in time and budget!