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It’s no secret – there is a worldwide, skills gap when it comes to operational technology (OT) security! Whether it’s protecting your company’s process control systems or personally exploring a new career path, accessing the right skills, knowledge, and training is key to bridging that skills gap! ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification helps answer these skills gap questions:

  • WHERE can you find quality ICS cybersecurity training that is affordable and accessible?
  • WHAT experts can help you get your head around your OT cybersecurity situation, point you in the right direction, and just give me some advice?
  • WHEN can you afford the current training solutions in the industrial environment, requiring upwards of $20,000 per person and several days offsite, or even $7,000 or more for virtual training??
  • HOW can you make training more effective, and entertaining; epecially, for more strategic concepts?

Our solution to bridging the OT cybersecurity skills gap centers around cutting edge gamification, allowing our clients to bring OT cybersecurity skills "in-house", in a way that is much more effective, affordable, and easily accessible. Not to mention, entertaining! Gamification teaches and exercises skills that have been nearly impossible to do so through traditional forms of training - It answers the question, “how do you teach cybersecurity and risk management strategy?” The simple answer is, “You don’t! You have to simulate an environment and its associated challenges in a way that allows students to interact and see, first-hand, how OT security.


ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue Gamification

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue is the industry’s first multi-player strategy computer game designed to teach real-world cybersecurity. Students can play solo missions or compete against each other, head-to-head, to take control/maintain control of a computer network. This is not a fiction-based game, like those found on the consumer gaming market, or challenge solving "capture the flag (CTF)." This is a live, player vs. player “gamified” training simulator, designed to teach cybersecurity skills in an immersive and interactive applied learning environment.

The Gamification Difference

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ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue Curriculum

Defending Operational Technology (OT) networks and assets requires more than a single solution, and it’s not a just matter of deploying “best practices” and “layered defense” – it’s a combination of proactive and reactive strategies such as vulnerability assessments, network segmentation, system hardening and threat monitoring.  Most organizations are limited in their ability to deploy even the most basic security controls due to lack of required skills.

That’s where our ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification meets the virtual classroom in our ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue curriculum!

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What the Red vs. Blue Training?

Security aware and knowledgeable users serve as the “front line” of your overall security posture. As such, training is one of the most essential components of your risk mitigation strategy and overall cybersecurity program. However, without learning cybersecurity from the “hacker’s” perspective and gaining a true understanding of how adversaries attack and compromise OT environments and assets, you’re only getting half of the picture. Without that other half, you’re essentially blindly deploying generic security controls and “best practices”.

Layered defense is a great concept, but few organizations have the resources to deploy every layer effectively, and in most case, it still ends up being a waste of resources.

In order to have an efficient and cost-effective risk mitigation strategy, you must understand not only where your vulnerabilities are, but also the tactics that attackers will use to exploit these vulnerabilities. Red vs. Blue Training provides the opportunity to learn these adversarial tactics in conjunction with the defensive methods. Then, students get to apply the skills they learn as they face off in a head-to-head competition, Blue Team (the defenders) against Red Team (the attackers) - no prior technical skills required! The aspect of competition against a live adversary also helps student realize that cybersecurity is not "set it and forget it." Instead, it provides them the opportunity to develop, and adjust, risk mitigation strategies as an opponent actively counters and modifies their tactics and strategies, in real-time.

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