CTF Edition introduced for ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue

Sugar Land, Texas (March 25, 2021) – ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) cybersecurity firm, is excited to announce today the launch of its new Capture the Flag (CTF) Edition to ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue. The ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue CTF Edition is not yet another cyber-scavenger hunt, race to solve the most technical challenges, type of “CTF” the cybersecurity community has become accustomed to! This is straight up, head-to-head, attack and defend cyber-warfare. A true traditional capture the flag. And the best part is, anyone can play, beginners and professionals, technical and non-technical alike!

CTF Edition

The ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue CTF Edition was created specifically to provide fun and educational cybersecurity competitions and events for a broad variety of attendees, regardless of skillset, experience, or background. It is easy to setup and run, easy to play, and scales to fit any size, from just a few players to even thousands. “But tournament style competitions are difficult to manage, especially with a very large number of participants. Right?” No problem! We have you covered with an integrated bracket management system!

Tournament management within ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue CTF Edition
ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue CTF Edition, tournament bracket management

Step outside the box! Host a real CTF competition that anyone and everyone can play, learn & practice cybersecurity, and play capture the flag the way capture the flag was meant to be played!

Or, visit our website at: https://threatgen.com/red-vs-blue/

Version 1.4.2 is Now Live

In addition to the new ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue CTF Edition, we’ve also just released the 1.4.2 update. This update did feature minor visual enhancements and bug fixes, but most changes were on the back-end to prepare for major feature updates coming in 1.5 and later in 2021. Here’s an overview of these changes…

All Versions, including CTF Edition

  • Several minor bug fixes (non-critical)
  • Minor visual enhancements
  • Major engine upgrade
  • Major networking infrastructure update
  • Major performance optimizations

Professional and Enterprise Editions

  • Downloadable end-game report
  • Localization framework
  • CTF/Tournament bracket management system integration

Upcoming updates

So, what’s in the updates to come? Keep an eye out for our next roadmap announcement, but here are a few hints:

  • Single player campaigns
  • New network environments and scenarios (various industries)
  • New actions and mechanics
  • Learning objectives and labs
  • eLearning courses

About ThreatGEN

Founded in Sugar Land, Texas in 2017, ThreatGEN delivers a solution to bridge “the ICS Cybersecurity skills gap” utilizing its ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue gamification and ThreatGEN OT Security Services.

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue uses cutting-edge computer gamification to provide an exciting & modernized approach to cybersecurity training, both practical and cost effective! ThreatGEN OT Security Services are delivered worldwide by world-renowned Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity experts (we literally wrote the books industry uses) using strategically chosen partnerships to create a holistic service offering.

ThreatGEN published books

For more information, visit our company website at https://ThreatGEN.com, follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/threatgenvr/, or follow us on Twitter: @ThreatGEN_RvB.

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