The Real Threat of Ransomware: Why Cyber Criminals Prefer This Attack Method Even for Industrial Organizations

The Real Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly common threat to organizations of all types, from small businesses to large industrial organizations. While cyber-physical attacks are often seen as the greatest threat to industrial organizations, ransomware attacks can still have significant physical and/or life-threatening consequences. As demonstrated by recent incidents such as the attack on a hospital in Germany that caused the death of a patient, and the ransomware attack on a major airline in the United States that resulted in flight cancellations and disruptions to travel, the impact of ransomware on industrial systems can be just as serious as that of cyber-physical attacks, if not more so. Furthermore, many industrial organizations have complex supply chains that rely on interconnected systems and processes, so an attack on one organization can have ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain, as seen in the recent incidents involving the Colonial Pipeline and the world’s largest meat supplier, JBS. Given the ease of deployment and potential for profit, ransomware remains a serious threat to organizations, and it is essential for organizations to take steps to protect themselves against these types of attacks.

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