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It’s no secret – there is a worldwide skills gap when it comes to cybersecurity! Whether it’s protecting your company’s network, process control systems, or personally exploring a new career path, accessing the right skills, knowledge, and training is key to bridging that skills gap!

The value of ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue is amplified when integrated into a governance plan for mitigating cybersecurity risks.  Our resellers not only integrate our cybersecurity gamification platform & portal into their offerings, they also help you develop and implement your governance plans and mitigate your cybersecurity risk.

Why partners make sense


Our partners specialize in specific industries and bring that knowledge to your cybersecurity awareness and training programs.

Best of Breed

ThreatGEN brings a new & innovative cybersecurity strategy training, now integrate that with your current consulting experts.

How to teach hacking

Trick question, you don't!  Our partners are the cybersecurity experts that answer the strategic questions that ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue bring up.


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Help your clients understand cybersecurity strategy, build more resilient organizations, and further your cybersecurity practice.