Gamification vs. Games

ThreatGEN’s Aaron Shbeeb delves into the differences between games and gamification as well as defining good gamification attributes.

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cybersecurity statistics

Lies, Damned Lies, and Cybersecurity Statistics

ThreatGEN brings together multiples sources for its list of cybersecurity statistics, their sources, and some of our own.

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OT/ICS Cybersecurity Kill Chain video released

In this video, Pascal Ackerman demonstrates an OT/ICS cybersecurity attack on a control system, from start to finish, through the entire ICS Cybersecurity Kill Chain. While this is an in-depth technical demo, no technical experience or knowledge is required to understand it.

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Checking for ICS Internet Exposure Using

Pascal Ackerman takes the reader through the process of performing an internet exposure check for your ICS.

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Design for Security – Why Proper Architecture Matters to ICS Security

Pascal Ackerman reviews some fundamental ICS Cybersecurity. A never ending battle in an ever changing landscape – start from the bottom up with a security-minded and security friendly design of the ICS network architecture.

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Taking a closer look at the LookBack Malware Campaign

Pascal Ackerman goes into more depth from a LinkedIn article on a new malware campaign that was uncovered, targeting ICS companies in the US utilities industry.

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Another day, more data breaches – where the data goes

ThreatGEN welcomes Pascal Ackerman with his first article on our website as our principal threat analyst. Articles will ensue with a technical flare, especially the elephant in the room today – data breaches.

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