ThreatGEN CEO Featured in New Industrial Cyber Article on ICS Incident Response

Houston, TX (August 4, 2023) – ThreatGEN, leaders in cybersecurity gamification and simulation training, is proud to announce that our CEO and founder Clint Bodungen was featured in a recent article published by Industrial Cyber on July 30, 2023. The article, “Need to Step Up Proactive ICS Incident Response Planning to Build Defenses Against Cyber Attacks“, provides expert analysis on building effective incident response plans for industrial control systems.

Bodungen weighed in on several key topics related to ICS incident response planning, including the need for frequent testing, integrating plans with existing emergency protocols, and utilizing third party expertise. “Setting up an industrial incident response should begin with understanding the specifics of the industrial system in question,” Bodungen commented. “I know that sounds obvious, but I see far too many organizations treating their ICS IR plans the same as their enterprise IR plan without regard to the specific differences, considerations, and cautions that come with industrial systems.

At ThreatGEN, we understand the unique security challenges facing industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. Our team of industry veterans works closely with clients to assess risks, build customized incident response plans, and conduct regular exercises to prepare for attacks. As a leader in OT/ICS cybersecurity, we are thrilled to contribute our knowledge and perspective to drive more effective ICS incident response across the sector.

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