Modern Cybersecurity Practices released

Sugar Land, Texas (June 15, 2020) – ThreatGEN, an operational technology (OT) security firm, celebrates the April 30, 2020 release of Pascal Ackerman’s newest book – “Modern Cybersecurity Practices: Exploring And Implementing Agile Cybersecurity Frameworks and Strategies for Your Organization“. Pascal Ackerman is Director of the ThreatGEN OT Security Services division and implements the concepts and processes illustrated in this book and his previous book  “Industrial Cybersecurity: Efficiently secure critical infrastructure systems” on a daily basis.

Industry recognized experts to the caliber of Pascal are rare. It’s even more rare for them to share their wealth of knowledge in a full length publication, which Pascal has done twice now. When an opportunity like this is presented, to get inside the head and learn from such talent, take advantage of it!” said Clint Bodungen, Co-Founder and CEO of ThreatGEN. “We are glad to have him aboard at ThreatGEN.”

Modern Cybersecurity Practices
Modern Cybersecurity Practices: Exploring And Implementing Agile Cybersecurity Frameworks and Strategies for Your Organization

Details of Modern Cybersecurity Practices

Get in the shoes of cyber attackers and witness first-hand how they accomplish their evil objective of stealing proprietary data from Company-X, a widget maker that is about to launch a revolutionary new concept of widgets. You get to witness how attackers think and act and you can even follow along with the whole attack, using the same tools on virtual systems you build in the cloud or on your workstation.  

After seeing how things can go wrong, this book will then teach you in detail how to prevent getting this far down the rabbit hole by defining and executing a custom-tailored cybersecurity program. You learn how to use tools and techniques to monitor the security posture of that newly developed cybersecurity program and. Finally, you get to hunt for malicious activity and indicators of compromise in your environment by following some fundamental Threat hunting exercises.

This book is filled to the brim with activities, information and other relevant details that help you design and implement a security program, custom tailored to your unique environment, as well as countless how-to’s, tutorials, examples, use cases and setup guides for the many security tools, frameworks, solutions and other cybersecurity related software you might encounter on your journey into the cybersecurity realm.

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Pascal was interviewed by Blumira, in a three part video series. See Blumira’s blog entry “Building a Cybersecurity Program: Modern Cybersecurity Practices, Part 1“, their LinkedIn company profile, or their YouTube channel for more information…

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See the blog entry “Common Threat Vectors & Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Modern Cybersecurity Practices, Part 2“.

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